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Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Boca Raton has a varied demographic of residents. Unfortunately, many residents are not trained or prepared to look out for motorcyclists. A left turn in front of a motorcyclist or a hasty lane change can result in serious injuries to the biker, particularly because bikers are moving so fast and are so close to the pavement. Laying down a bike can result in catastrophic injury.

Boca Raton Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help. We're able to analyze all aspects of the accident and do whatever's necessary to obtain equitable compensation in a judgment, settlement or mediation. We have successfully represented many bikers over the years. The fact is, motorcyclists have the same rights as any other motor vehicle drivers. When people don't know or respect this and it causes an injury, we believe it's important that injured parties are compensated.

Scott Young has experience in the past working as an attorney for an insurance company, and we know what they're likely to do in a motorcycle accident case. We're able to leverage our combined experience of more than six decades to carefully and efficiently build your case.

As with every Florida personal injury case in our office, we work exclusively on contingency and never collect fees or costs until our clients obtain compensation commensurate with their injuries, often unique to bikers. 

To discuss any personal injury issue with one of our Boca Raton motorcycle injury attorneys in a free initial consultation, call 561-368-1920 or 561-368-1920 and ask for Scott Young or send us an e-mail.